Japanese Language Program for International Students

Japanese Language Program for International Students will open

This program for international students supports them in many ways to contribute to the global society: learning Japanese language, knowing Japanese culture and knowledge, and going on to Takarazuka University of Medical and Health Care, its group schools or other medical welfare academies. Students are expected to learn Japanese language for going on to different-field universities, postgraduate courses and career colleges. The future vision of every student is the starting point for our consultations and career guidance.

  • Japanese Language Program for International Students 5 advantages
  • 1.

    Outstanding students are entitled to enroll Takarazuka University of Medical and Health Care.

  • 2.

    Students may go on to Program of Care Workers to get qualified for care worker examination.

  • 3.

    There are courses to learn Japanese language level by level.

  • 4.

    Teachers and instructors are in charge of their classes for fine supports.

  • 5.

    Students can learn not just Japanese language but also its culture, customs and manners.


Japanese language

Our well-experienced teaching staff support your campus life on an individual basis. The level-bylevel class entry system helps students to effectively learn four language skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing). Besides, preparations for Japanese-Language Proficiency Test and Examnationfor Japanese University.

Elective courses

Students can take electives (English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, integrated studies, etc.) for Examination for Japanese University or EJU.

Japanese culture

Students get to know this subject too. They participate in tea ceremony and other hands-on experiences, as well as the Star Festival and yukata-wearing event. During the autumn term, study tours are also arranged.

Homeroom activity

Homeroom teachers stand by you to explain procedures necessary for living in Japan and to give helping hands if students do not know what to do and how to do.

Dedicated student advice staff

The University has a staff for helping students to subscribe to cellphones, handle banking system, go through government office procedures and other supports.

Typical subject timetable
Comprehe nsive Japanese language Grammar Comprehen sive Japanese Grammar JLPT preparations
Listening and conversati on Reading Japanese vocabulary Things Japanese Writing
Integrated studies
Homeroom Mathemat ics/Biology

※Asterisked subjects are elective.



※a plan shared with two

Location near the campus
Dormitory Move-in fee ¥30,000
Depos it ¥10,000
Bedding fee ¥10,000
Monthly cost Dorm rent ¥28,000 and up

※ The utility bill payment of about ¥3,000 monthly is also needed.

※ Separate necessary expenses may accrue.

April July August November December January March
Entrance ceremony Japanese language proficiency test Summer vacation Exam for Japanese University Adminssion for International Students Japanese language proficiency test New Year’s Day Commencement ceremony
Orientation Semester final exams Field trip Winter holidays Semester final exams
Part-time jobs

During semesters, a student may work part-time up to 28 hours a week. For long vacations, jobs of up to 8 hours daily are acceptable. Students will be advised to take on part-time jobs depending on their Japanese skills.


High achievers can go on to Takarazuka University of Medical and Health Care.

The staffers are willing to support students for going on to the above university, group schools or other medical welfare academies. Students can also receive counseling for other universities, postgraduate courses and career colleges on an individual basis.

Application qualification

  • Those with 12-year education program completed in foreign countries
  • Those with Japanese language proficiency level N4 or higher


Admission 100 students
Course One-year course (Starts on April)

Enrollment fee and tuition

Enrollment fee ¥120,000
Tuition ¥620,000
Total ¥740,000

※ Textbook fees (¥20,000) and screening fee (¥20,000) are also required.

※ Casualty insurance premium of (¥10,000) required.


Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students (¥48,000/month) of MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports,Scienceand Technology) and other scholarships are available, for limited students.

Documents for application

  • Application (filled-in)
  • Statement of purpose
  • Final academic diploma
  • Final academic transcript
  • Japanese language learning certificate
  • Japanese language proficiency test certificate (if available)
  • 8 ID photos (4 cm long and 3 cm wide)
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Photocopy of residence card if living in Japan
Financial supporter
  • Financial support and engagement documents (original)
  • Certificate of deposit balance (original)
  • Employment certificate (original)
  • Income certificate (original)
  • Tax certificate (original)
  • Identification card (photocopy)
  • Kinship certificate (original)

※For details, download the application guidebook from the University website.

Access map

Access map

7-7-17,Toyosaki,Kitaku,Osaka 531-0072,Japan
a 10-minute walk from Osaka Metoro Nakatsu St,or a 15-minute walk from Hankyu Railway Nakatsu St.


Osaka (Toyosaki Campus)

The campus is conveniently located a 10-minute walk away from Osaka Metro Nakatsu Station or a 15-minute walk away from Hankyu Railway Nakatsu Station. The folksy neighborhood provides for some supermarkets and shopping streets. Osaka is the biggest city of western Japan and the source to offer information down the ages. From here, Kobe is accessed in 30 minutes and Kyoto and Nara in one hour, which means you are within the range of history and culture.


Takarazuka University of Medical and Health Care

Japanese Language Program for International Students Opening Team Personnel : Sasaki email:sasaki@tumh.ac.jp Individual consultations are available. Please feel easy to contact us.



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