2022 Academic Year Admission guide

Admission guide

Our mission is to develop human resources who has rich humanity, solid knowledge and technique to support patient’s healthy life.
And we build the human resources who aspire to become “the next generation of medical person”. We cultivate student to have wide-ranging, in-depth general education and rich humanity. In addition to that we educate specialized fundamental to proceed to knowledge of fundamental・clinical medicine which is essential as a medical profession.
Japanese Language Program for International Students
The program for international students supports them in many ways to contribute to the global society: learning Japanese language, knowing Japanese culture and knowledge, and going on to Takarazuka University of Medical and Health Care, it’s group schools or other medical welfare academies.
Students are expected to learn Japanese language for going on to different-field universities, postgraduate course and career colleges. And we support their future path depends on their future vision by counselling and guidance.
We place important on activities between students. They can improve their globalization sense and communication skill thorough cross-cultural understanding.
Course name 1-year 1.5-year 2-year
Enrollment season April,2022 October,2022 April,2022
Application period October,2021~31st,
January, 2022
July, 2022
January, 2022
(1) Students who are foreign nationals, and meet under any of the following requirements:
  • ①Those who have completed 12-years curriculum of schooling in their home country or who are acknowledged as having an equivalent level of education by the Ministry of Education.(Contact TAKARAZUKA UNIVERSITY, if your home country doesn’t have 12-year education system)
  • ②Those who are acknowledged having age and academic ability equal to or surpassing that of students who have completed a 12-year school curriculum by TAKARAZUKA UNIVERSITY.
(2)Students who meet under any of the following requirements:
  • ①Those who have Japanese language proficiency equivalent to more than “Japanese-Language Proficiency Test” N4 level.
  • ②Those who have Japanese language proficiency equivalent to more than “NAT” 4 level or “J Test” approximately E level.
  • ③Those who have studied Japanese language for more than 300 hours.

※In principal, those who have studied more than a year at an Japanese language educational institution are not allowed to apply.

Number of Students to be admitted
100 students
Selection Method
The admission decision will be made based on a screening of the application documents and online video interview. We will have phone or video interview with an applicant and a financial supporter to confirm contents of application documents.
Process from application to entrance
1. Application documents (applicants)
2. Entrance Examination, Document screening, Decide the results (University)
3. Announcement of the Results (University)
4. Application for Issuance of the Certificate of Eligibility for Residence Status (University)
5. Examination by Osaka Immigration Bureau (Immigration Bureau)
6. Issuance of the Certificate of Eligibility to the University (Osaka Immigration Bureau)
7. Bill the Fees include Entrance Examination Fee (University)
8. Payment the Fees include Entrance Examination Fee (Passed Applicants)
9. Mailing of the Certificate of Eligibility for Residence Status and admission certificate to passed applicants (University)
10. Application for Student Visa at the Japanese Embassy (Passed Applicants)
11. Arrival in Japan, Enrollment (passed applicants)

*There are cases that it may take more than 3 months from application to obtainment a visa.
Application documents
<For applicants>
  • 1. Application for Admission (original)
    The form must be filled out by the applicant. If you have a period in the study or work history in your resume, you must attach a certificate or explanation document about it.
  • 2. Statement of purpose (original)
    You have to describe your present situation, purpose of studying abroad and future dream etc. in detail to convey your enthusiasm.
  • 3. Final academic diploma (original or copy)
    *Applicants from China must attach “public certificate ” with certificate of graduation.
  • 4. Certificate of final academic transcript. (original or copy)
  • 5. Certificate of Japanese Language proficiency (original or copy)
  • 6. Certificate of Japanese language learning if you don’t have No.5 (original)
    It must describe Japanese language learning hours is made by the Japanese language institute that you had learned.
  • 7. Eight identical photographs 4cm long × 3 cm wide (attachment a photo on the application)
    Those photos were taken within the last three months and written your name on backside.
  • 8. Copy of Passport (All pages)

※We may have to order additional documents not listed above.

<For Financial supporter>
  • 1. Letter of Financial Support (original)
    The form must be filled out and singed by the financial supporter.
  • 2. Balance certificate (original)
  • 3. Occupation certificate (original)
    It must describe your hire date, tenure and duty. If you have a own business, you need to submit a business permit. *It needs tax payment code on it for Vietnamese applicants.
  • 4. Income certificate (original)
    Pay slip or tax certificate etc.
    *If you are exempted from income tax, you need to submit decree number that you can proof tax exemption.
  • 5. Identify certificate(copy)
  • 6. Document to certify the relationship with the applicant.

*We may have to order additional documents not listed above.
*The original that you can’t republish will be returned.

Notices concerning application documents

We screen the documents you submitted strictly. After pass screening, we apply for Certificate of Eligibility for student visa to Osaka Immigration Bureau.
We apply for it instead of applicant.
We screen strictly to avoid illegal stay and work. There are some cases that your applying is rejected so when application, be careful of the points below.

*After accepting documents, University and Immigration office ask you additional documents if false or contradictory statements are found. So, take time to spare when you prepare and submit documents.

*Please attach Japanese translation each document with name and belongs of translator.

*We submit original documents to Immigration office so please make copies if you need.

*The application of admission form must be filled out by the applicant. The letter of financial support form must be filled out and singed by the financial supporter. We don’t accept allograph.
And you must use sticker that is registered for government, if you have. (If you don’t have it, use signature.)
Basically, the financial supporter should be your parents. If it’s not, please contacts us about it.

*If you have had been in Japan, please let me know.

Exemption admission fee system
  • Those who passed JLPT N2 when you submit the application will be exempt from paying the admission fee.
  • Those who passed JLPT N3 when you submit the application will be exempt from paying half of the admission fee.
Entrance Examination Fee 20,000 20,000 20,000
Admission Fee 120,000 120,000 120,000
Tuition Fee 620,000 930,000 1,240,000
Textbook Fee 20,000 30,000 35,000
Student Insurance Fee 10,000 15,000 20,000
Expenses 25,000 30,000 35,000
Total 815,000 1,145,000 1,470,000
Announcement of the Results
In principal, we announce the results by mail or email in 2 weeks.
Proceed of entrance
We inform of documents that passed applicants need to submit for enrollment when we announce you the results. Please fill out them and send us. At the same time, pay “admission fee” and ” tuition fee” by the due date.
If you don’t pay by the due date, we regard you as enrollment decline.
Return of fees
  • 1. After issue Certificate of Eligibility, we will return of fees except admission examination fee and Admission fee due to these cases. ①you don’t advance visa process②Japan embassy doesn’t issue a student visa③Japan embassy issue a student visa but you cancel enrollment before entering Japan
    You need to return to us Certificate of Eligibility and admission letter.
    After accept your Certificate of Eligibility and admission letter, we will return fees to you.
    *You need to take on commission when returning fees.
  • 2. we don’t return fees after enrollment.
National Health Insurance
Any resident in Japan must belong to a National Health Insurance.
If you belong to a National health insurance program, you pay only 30% of the medical fees and 70% is paid from insurance. (National Health insurance fee: approximately 2,000yen per month)
【For resident in Japan】 send by simple registered post or letter pack
【For resident in foreign country】 send by EMS or international parcel delivery.

 To Takarazuka University of Medical and Healthcare BEKKA
 Japanese Language Program for International Students
 Address :7-7-17, Toyosaki,Kita-ku, Osaka city,Japan
 postal code : 531-0072
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